Star Craft Films

Prabhu KT

Founder & Director

About Us

We listen to your ideas..Its your Story and Our Style

Story Telling is everything. Pitch your ideas for a short film or a feature. Star Craft Films along with its peers may produce your pilot project. Every Story needs a subjective form and Style to it. With Star Craft Films you can relax and watch your story progress into a film in-style.

We help in the right casting and direct the actors

Casting your characters is picking the right actors for the right role and directing the actors is the best we can do. If an actor has to communicate our vision, the actor needs to be directed the right way. Star Craft Films can help you throughout the Production Phase.

Getting the best Value and Return

For all the effort we put in through all phases of Production, we need to make sure of getting the best value for the amazing product we create from your idea. channeling through the right marketing strategies is the key element for success, looking into future projects.